Gehtsoft is an organization that has decades of experience in custom software development, project management, quality assurance, and support. Throughout the years, we have designed and implemented software products for a variety of industries and applications. Our products are used far and wide on various jobs from the New York Stock Exchange trading floor to remote coffee plantations in Hawaii. Our expertise extends across a wide range of services and technologies that help us create and deliver professional solutions meant to succeed.

Desktop development

Rich custom GUI development

IDE systems

Robust, high-performance, low latency systems development

Distributed systems

Web development

Mobile applications

DB Design

Performance analysis and optimization

Server-side development


We have yet to meet a technology we could not handle.

Our development model

In-depth Analysis
Clearly Defined Goals
Best Designers and Architects
Quality Software Products
Guaranteed Quality Assurance
Continuous Communication
Ongoing Customer Support
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Key methods

The methods that we use in our work promote adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, and a time-boxed iterative approach. They encourage a rapid and flexible response to change and provide for open communication between teams, stakeholders, and customers.


When you work with us, we strive to make the whole process as streamline, convenient and productive as possible. Using a consultative approach, we work closely with you to gain a complete understanding of your business goals, the scope of your project and your unique implementation challenges. All of our work is guided by Agile Methodology Standards that guarantee the following benefits:
– Highly personalized interactions;
– Efficient project management – without the red tape;
– Faster turnarounds most outsourced developers cannot match;
– Responsive development that adapts to changing needs;
– Lower costs and higher ROI.


Quality is our top priority. It means our top management is committed to product quality, customer focus, adequacy of resources, employee competence, process management, quality planning, software design and implementation, processes to resolve customer complaints, corrective/preventative actions and a requirement to drive continual improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS).


Gehtsoft employs a horizontal management structure.  It means that members of our senior management, who have extensive experience in software design and development, are actively involved in the management of each project. This eliminates unnecessary layers of middle management that slows down projects and adds to their cost.

Key management

Managing Partner
Nick is the direct manager of Gehtsoft’s team of 70 high-end software developers.
He is responsible for the software development process for all of Gehtsoft's clients, including requirement analysis, architecture design and product development. Two of Gehtsoft’s signature accomplishments - the award winning FX Trading Station and the technical analysis tool FX Marketscope - are the direct result of Nick's strong analysis, design and software skills.
With all of his experience in product development and business management, Ivan has been able to grow the company from a startup to an organization of over 70 people, all within a five-year period.
Ivan’s primary responsibilities include overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations as well as managing its long-term strategic planning, while maintaining a continuous dialogue with the company’s clients to ensure their satisfaction.

What clients say about us

Evan Milazzo
Gehtsoft has provided us with high level software to run the many platforms we use to provide continuous service to our customers worldwide. We would recommend Gehtsoft to any company requiring any type of software development.
Kevin Folan
Principal, Hilltop Country Day School
Gehtsoft has been an important and strategic partner during my leadership tenure at Hilltop Country Day School. Gehtsoft and their management team provided us with a variety of insights given their experience in technology, business analysis, and consulting services. For a small school with a modest budget, Gehtsoft provided tremendous value for our small business.
Tony Izundu
Founder, Redeemo
Gehtsoft has been a critical value-add to us at Redeemo. We’ve leveraged their experience to advance both our product and business development initiatives. Their work has ranged from product ideation, product tree planning, database design and system architecture to customer acquisition and growth strategies. Working with them has significantly improved the productivity of our development efforts and remains a key component of our success.


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