We deliver the projects no one else can complete and maintain with near to 100% scope covered on time on projects of all sizes and scopes.

We are proud to be a respected brand that provides long-term, reliable, cutting-edge software solutions while balancing integrity, innovation, humanity, and adaptation.

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What Makes Us Different

Gehtsoft knows that in order to thrive in the crowded software, developers must take a radically different approach that puts the customer at the center of the process. Here's what makes us the partner of choice for our clients.

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Bold Innovation

Gehtsoft thrives on complex projects that solve unique problems. With a vast diversity of tools, instruments, processes, and people at your service, we can take on the type of projects that other companies won't even touch. Regardless of your company's needs, we can produce a tailored solution that grows with your organization through rapidly changing business conditions.

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We get to know your business, not just the specs of each project. When you work with Gehtsoft, we go the extra mile to find out how this project fits into your short and long-term plans for success so that we can build a solution perfectly tailored to your company's growth.


For one of our clients, our deliverable featured less than 20% of the requirements originally requested because we talked to end users, found out that the majority of requirements simply weren't needed, and relayed that insight back to the client.

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The heart of our development strategy is your long-term success. It's common for software development companies and contractors to build solutions that start to lose their luster in just a couple of years. When those pain points become a problem, the developer is nowhere to be found because a long-term relationship was never the part of the strategy..


Our seven-step development model starts with the best-in-class analysis and clearly defined goals for your project and doesn't stop at deployment. We're with you for the life of the project, with ongoing customer support built into our strategy from day one.

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We are fearless when it comes to developing, testing, and deploying highly complex software solutions. Our focus on efficiency allows us to deliver your first production-ready build in an average of just three sprints, swiftly delivering tangible value for your organization.

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Gehtsoft is the only company of its size where you'll find multiple senior developers with 20-30 years of experience. Many of our developers have been with us for 10 years or more and gained highly versatile experience from each project along the way. We have two out of just 1,000 Professional Scrum III specialists worldwide, who share their world-class knowledge and provide mentorship to our team each and every day.


We believe that you can have the most cutting-edge technology stack in the world, but without the best developers, you will never harness its full potential. Our developers take best practices seriously, all the way from discussion to delivery. You can rest assured that your mission-critical software solutions are in the hands of dedicated development masters throughout their lifetime.

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Gehtsoft is a family-owned and operated business.

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CEO at GehtsoftUSA LLC &

CEO Ivan Gekht has achieved globally-recognized technological mastery through decades of experience in both product development and business management, positioning him to lead our charge toward providing game-changing outcomes for our clients. He is a certified Agile coach, a Six Sigma Black Belt, and Professional Scrum Master III.

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VP of Professional Development
@ Gehtsoft

As a managing partner, Nikolay Gekht directs the Gehtsoft team in requirements analysis, architecture design, and product development. His technical expertise, leadership and client advocate voice ensure that every project is value optimized and delivers the results clients expect from Gehtsoft.

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