PMI introduces new course for hybrid project management

This month I had a chance to participate as a beta-tester in a new PMI initiative called “hybrid project micro-credentials”, including a course and exam part.

The course’s intent and implementation reflect the current situation in project management. We inevitably move toward Agile, responding to the growing complexity of the problems we solve and the project environment’s uncertainty. But the Agile community still lacks a good toolkit in many areas of project management. The course bridges the gap, providing Agile information for managers who never tried it before. At the same time, it introduces key concepts in areas like communication planning and management, budgeting and estimations, risk management that may enrich the toolbox of Agile practitioners. The course is scenario-based and allows to immediately validate the application of the knowledge.

The exam feels less complicated than you may expect from the course content and is well balanced between Agile and project management topics.

So, as soon as PMI release this course to the public, I would highly recommend considering it in your development plan. It is an excellent opportunity to make your style of project execution even more matching the demands and challenges of the current uneasy environment.

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