Our Approach

Gehtsoft's process is founded on the Agile philosophy. Agile development hinges on iterative planning with a built-in feedback loop that sees developers continuously making sure the delivered software is aligning with business needs.

Our teams measure and evaluate projects as they progress, testing and reevaluating functional software with each iteration. As a result, we can accelerate the delivery of value and swiftly adapt when needs or requirements change throughout the process.

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Benefits of Agile

icon of text bullet Quick, easy scalability on demand

icon of text bullet Improved compliance with client expectations

icon of text bullet Reduced time to market

icon of text bullet Use of critical functions prior to project completion

icon of text bullet Tangible ROI and business benefit in the shortest time frame possible

icon of text bullet Continuous product quality improvement

icon of text bullet Adaptability to planned or unexpected change

We incorporate tools from Agile-parallel methodologies such as DevOps and Lean SixSigma, and even Waterfall-like methodologies such as RUP, so you can rest assured we'll always use the right tools for the job.

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Our Development Model

icon Project Vision Project
icon epics Epics
icon user stories User
icon project roadmap Project
icon sprint planning meeting Sprint Planning
icon burndown chart Burndown
icon impediment log Impediment
icon daily scrum
icon sprint review meeting Sprint Review
icon sprint retrospective meeting Sprint
icon working software inecrement Working
icon sprint


icon product owner Product Owner
icon scrum master Scrum Master
icon developers Developers

Gehtsoft in Action

Bulletproof Reliability:
NYSE Currency Rates Monitor

In 2010, Forex Capital Markets was asked to display foreign exchange currency rates on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor. Gehtsoft was tasked with developing an application that was compatible with NYSE equipment and had one critical requirement: 24/7 accessibility with zero downtime. It could not fail.

Gehtsoft’s development team not only delivered but we did so in just one month. Gehtsoft fulfilled the client's mission, and the monitor had zero interruptions throughout its four-year lifespan.

Quick Compliance:
CFTC Rules Change

Financial regulations can change quickly, and if companies can't quickly pivot to stay compliant, they can face fines or simply get booted from the industry. When the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) decided to impose strict new rules on trading, our client's trading system was about to become obsolete.

Within three months, we were able to overhaul their entire system to execute trades as demanded by the new CFTC rules. Out of more than 100 foreign exchange companies operating before the rule change, only our client and a handful of competitors were successful in implementing the sweeping system-wide change quickly enough to stay in business.

Outcome-Based Insight:
Harvest Season

One of our greatest successes in getting to know a customer came when an agricultural client began a project with us shortly before harvest season. With no option for delay, it was up to Gehtsoft to strategize the most valuable path to the final product. We worked in bi-monthly sprints, adding a new and fully functional feature to the project each time so that each key feature of the product was ready to handle the next stage in the harvest process as it came through.

Thanks to Agile and Scrum in action, the client was able to walk through the entire harvest season without a finalized version of the product — while still achieving the desired results on a budget.

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