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Today, selecting the right software development contractor is more than just picking the best price. You need a company that you can trust to have the job done. You need a business that would treat your success as its own. You need a contractor that would be a good fit in your work culture. You need us.
Because we don't just build systems; we build relationships.

Here are three things that you should know about us.

Gehtsoft is a family-owned and operated business. Our story began in 1999 when a father and a son decided that having over 40 years of combined software development experience is more than enough to start. In the next twenty years, we had our ups and downs. We opened two offices in the United States and worked with companies ranging from aspiring startups to NYSE-traded corporations. Dozens of projects and multiple awards later, we still learn something new each day. And we are proud that our knowledge, experience, and skill can help your business on your path to success.
Today, led by two brothers, Gehtsoft is eager for a new challenge. We employ dozens of great people, combining industry veterans with a new generation of talent. Let us show you what we can do!
Nikolay Gekht , MCT, PMI-ACP, PSM III, CSSC Black Belt
Managing Partner
Directing the Gehtsoft team, Nikolay guides experienced software developers with his expertise in requirements analysis, architecture design, and product development. The award-winning FX Trading station and the FX Marketscope technical analysis tools are testaments to Nikolay's commendable skillset and leadership success. Nikolay commands and delivers the visibility, insight, automation, and control customers demand to optimize the value of their software assets. He is known for implementing the technology roadmap in today’s digital world that our clients have received and come to respect.
Ivan Gekht , ICP-ACC, PSM III, CSSC Black Belt
With years of experience in product development and business management behind him, Ivan is a technological visionary. Having adapted to the evolution of technology, he is well-versed in transforming enterprise systems, motivating teams, and pioneering customer engagement solutions.
A respected leader in translating innovation into game-changing offerings, Ivan has led emerging start-ups, as well as expanded global midmarket and enterprise sales, with a proven track record of success.
In our modern world, business is no longer about just making money. The social responsibility of a company becomes more and more critical. In pursuit of the bottom line, businesses used to develop practices that hurt our future. From overworking people to bill hundreds of hours a month to cutting corners on employees' benefits. Is bottom-line important? Of course, making business is about making a profit. But from the very start, we decided to remain human first and businessmen second.
'Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.' ~ Anthony Robbins
We are proud of supporting US military veterans' foundations.
Green Beret Foundation: GBF ProAm 2014 and GBF ProAm 2015,
H-3 Veterans Services: Vet-am 2016 and Vet-am 2017.
We helped to organize and sponsored children's TKD competitions with MPBBA in 2014 and 2015.
In 2019 we sponsored a children's gymnastics team in Russia.
We participated as title sponsors for local schools' fundraising events such as Hilltop CDS annual fundraisers in 2018 and 2019.
We try to do our bit in forest preservation. We started with supporting reforestation in Israel and moved onto purchasing and maintaining over 100 acres in North Carolina since 2017.
From supporting reforestation to spending our time serving as a trustee on a school board or participating in local community service events, we believe that every moment is essential.
In addition to that, every year, part of our profits goes to support local startups among minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses.
Being a family business, we believe that family comes first. Yes, some of our competitors allow or even force 250+ hours a month for their employees. But we are firmly convinced that missing your child's dance performance or a baseball game to throw in another couple of billable hours is not worth it. Since the beginning, we decided to create children- and family-friendly environment in our offices. From simple 'Bring your kid to work' days to having a full-scale break room with toys and games for kids, we are supporting our staff in any way we can. Field trips and children holiday parties are included in the mix too. Among other benefits, we offer one of the best industry's medical insurance and maternity leave.
We believe that a peace of mind for the employees allows them to reach their maximum potential and unleash their full talent.
by Nikolay Gekht
Managing Partner
Even though family focus seems to be unsuitable for a cutting-throat business environment, our experience proves it to be different. Our people can focus on work at the office, instead of thinking about problems. And that allows them to come through for us when we need them. That is why some of them have been with us for more than 18 years, being one of the first hires in our company. They always are integral for our success, even if it means an occasional all-nighter or working through the weekend.

Why we think that you should know about it? Because we build relationships with our customers. We will treat your business and your success as our own. You will become a part of Gehtsoft family.
We are looking forward to work with you soon.

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