Gehtsoft becomes Agile Alliance Corporate Partner for 2024!

Colleagues, we are proud to announce: Gehtsoft officially became a Corporate Partner of Agile Alliance!

Agile is designed to enable software developers frequently deliver new features to customers and users. And this is Gehtsoft’s philosophy, too. We believe great results are based on deep understanding of clients’ needs, technical expertise, process efficiency, and transparency.
That’s why we have embraced being driven and result-oriented from our day 1, almost quarter of a century ago.

Today, we continue creating mission-critical software, with primary focus on fintech. About 50% of engineers, managers, and top leaders are certified Agile professionals – from ICP, all the way to PSM III, DA-SSM, and DA-VSC. This allows us to consistently keep our clients happy, provide them important functionality in a collaborative, cost-efficient way.

We are also glad to be a part of Agile community, share our experience, and participate in events. Specifically, we’re looking forward to seeing you at XP 2024 in June, in Bolzano, Italy or at Agile 2024 in July, in Grapevine, TX.

If you are:

  • In dire need of legacy system upgrade,
  • Stuck with the Agile transformation of your business,
  • Struggling to achieve a short Time-to-Market for your applications,
  • Just want to chat and share your Agile/DevOps experience, –
  • then you definitely want to talk to us.

    Feel free to contact us, 24x7x365.
    And – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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